Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Work of the Mind, Heart, Soul, Hands

Do not undervalue the work of the mind. The mind sees, and analyses, and works out how to go on. It comprehends a thousand shades of meaning, sorts between options, looks at the past to understand the future. It seeks to know the divine, and to figure out how best to follow its leadings.

Do not undervalue the work of the heart. Our lives would be grey and lifeless without the love of parent and child, of brother and sister, of friends and of lovers. The heart lets us care for one another and receive care in our turn. It opens us to divine love and enables us to share it in the world.

Do not undervalue the work of the soul. To heighten our experience of the divine, it is not enough simply to wait and hope. It takes work to develop our connection, and it cannot be done with the mind alone. Our soul reaches for the divine as the divine reaches to us.

Do not undervalue the work of the hands. Our hands reach into the world and move things. They change raw food into meals, fibre into cloth and garments, rough wood into things we can use every day. They clean and they drive, they mend and they make. Our hands keep us able to respond to the divine, and they enable us to act in the world.

Mind, hands, spirit and soul: all are needed. For an individual, or a community, to walk the divine path, all sorts of work are needed. Sometimes more of one, sometimes more of another; one person doing more of one work, another person doing another. A community needs those who are comfortable and competent in all sorts of work, even where it does not seem necessary for the community to do that work for itself.

Written July 2016
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