Tuesday, 25 July 2017

What is the Quaker Way?

You may ask, what is the Quaker way?
It is a path through a forest, thickly grown, yet with shafts of light breaking through the trees. The path branches often, it loops back upon itself. It brings you to quiet glades, and leads you through brambles. It crosses babbling brooks and roaring rapids. It is sometimes wide, and sometimes narrow; sometimes smooth, and sometimes strewn with roots and rocks.
Sometimes it takes you where you expect, and others it leaves the forest in unexpected direction; sometimes, you end back where you began, but you are never unchanged.
A thousand people can wander it, and each find a different route. And yet, as we each walk our separate way along the path of many paths, we can always reach out our hands and touch one another, support one another, tell each other of our journeys.
Though the path is different for each of us, we talk it together and in unity. Though we see different things and reach different destinations, we share the path. Even where we cannot agree what may be found in the forest, we know that there is one forest, and one path.
Written May 2016
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