Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Times and Places

People of many faiths make a physical space for the sacred, be it a temple or church or a simple home shrine. Likewise, people of many faiths set aside time for the sacred, in daily prayers or weekly divine services.
All places are equally holy; no time is more or less divinely appointed than any other. Nonetheless, the discipline of increasing conscious awareness of the divine can be aided by these practices. If you do make use of such practices however, remember two things.
Firstly that these times and spaces are for your benefit, not that of the divine. They are not offered to the divine, nor are they sanctified above other times. Do not become bound to the time or the place, as the divine most assuredly is not so bound.
Secondly that your goal in so doing is to increase your awareness of the divine at all times and in all places. There is nothing wrong with being more aware at certain times and in certain places, provided that those times and places grow, and with them the sense of the divine in your heart.
Written August 2016
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