Monday, 24 July 2017

The Marvellous Fudge

Three friends, who loved to cook, were experimenting one day. They found themselves making a most marvellous fudge, the likes of which they had never tasted. Worried it was a fluke, they tried to repeat the recipe, and found they could reproduce it without great difficulty. Indeed, each attempt became easier, and produced gradually better results.
At once, the friends knew they had found something special, and wished to share it. They disagreed on how to do so, however.
The first friend approached everyone they knew, telling them how wonderful the fudge was. They spoke with such enthusiasm, however, and offered the fudge with such insistence, that people thought they were deranged, and very few accepted the fudge.
The second friend committed themselves to make all the fudge they could, and gave it away without comment. People accepted free fudge offered casually, and marvelled at it, but could appreciate it only occasionally when they came across it, as they could not reproduce it.
The third carefully wrote down the recipe, with detailed instructions. They experimented further, and made notes on what difference was found in the fudge with variations in the recipe. They made more fudge, of course, and offered it to people – but when people expressed appreciation for it, they offered them their recipe, and their notes. They even offered to help people when they tried the recipe for themselves.
And some of these people did try to make it, with help or on their own. And many succeeded. Some of those that succeeded shared the fudge in the manner of the first friend, and some in the manner of the second friend, and some in the manner of the third friend.
Written May 2016
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