Tuesday, 25 July 2017


No-one is perfect.
No-one and nothing can be.
Do not set impossible goals, do not seek perfection.
That does not mean we should be satisfied with the way things are, for while we are not perfect, and the world is not perfect, and never can be, they can always be improved.
Like an asymptotic function, the limit can never be reached, but can always be approached more closely.
But be wary, Friends! Improvement is not a matter of simple mathematical optimisation. Human outcomes are complex, many-faceted, and often there is no objective way to say “this is the better result”. To make a room better for performance may make it worse for conversation. To make a building more secure may make it less welcoming. To make a person more efficient may make them less sensitive.
Be ambitious for the right change, and do not forget what you haven't thought of.
Written April 2017
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