Monday, 24 July 2017

Look Not (or The Seekers' Challenge)

Look not to holy books;
   They are but commentary.
Look not to elders;
   Their wisdom is their own.
Look not to the natural world;
   It cannot teach you what you do not know.
Look not to ancient gods;
   They are projected shadows of ancient fears.
Look not to philosophers;
   At best you find elegant nothings, at worst, sophistry.
Look not to modern marvels;
   What you seek cannot be manufactured.
Look not to the faith of your childhood;
   It cannot be but child's faith.
Look not to your conscience;
   It is the echo of your teachers.
Look not to your dreams;
   They are the masque of your unbound mind.
Look not to your intellect;
   You are not trying to solve a puzzle.
Look not to your imagination;
   Unless your goal is fantasy.
Look not to your reason;
   It will deceive you most of all.
Look not to find Truth;
   It is nowhere you can find.
Now tell me: where shall you look?

Written October 2015
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