Monday, 24 July 2017

What You Will

Long ago, just as now, there was something. Something that drove people to be better, to learn, to understand, to act morally, to be compassionate, and much more beside.
To some it gave inspiration, and they built and invented and wrote and sang, and it was called Genius.
Some it drove to help others, to bring aid to the suffering, to protect and encourage, and it was called Love.
To some it opened the mysteries of nature, and they learned why the leaves are green and the sky is blue, and it was called Insight.
To some it spoke as if with words, advising on the right way to live, and it was called God.
And others called it by other names, and felt it in other ways besides.
Some of those who received it as Genius grew proud, and thought themselves better than others. Some who received it as Love grew jealous, deciding that some people did not deserve Love. Some who received it as Insight grew too fond of intellect and reason, and became blind to all else. And some who heard it as God became vengeful to those who did not live according to their instructions.
So they competed, and they fought, and they persecuted and they killed. Genius was marred, Love wept, Insight was perverted, and God was forgotten, even as they were loudly proclaimed, even as they were called upon to justify every horrible act.
Still it reached to them all, but their pride, their certainty and their fear prevented it. Their mind was blank of the true meaning of Genius, their hearts were closed to the truth of Love, their reason became devoid of Insight, and they became deaf to the true calls of their God.
It never gives up, it's there for us all, whatever we do. Whether it is truly part of us, or beyond us, or entirely beyond our understanding, it is still there. Even for those who have forgotten it, or never realised what it was, it is there.
When we are taken up with the inspiration of Genius, let us not forget Love. When we Love, let it be with the limitless capacity of God. When we proclaim our Gods, let us be open to the Insight of others. When we seek Insight into the world around us, let us draw on the Genius of art. And let us not forget that no name can encompass all of that something.

Written May 2016
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