Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Service is a great part of out tradition.
Service to our Meetings, service in the world.
Service to one another, service to those in need.
Desire to serve can be frustrated,
Our gifts unrecognised, or so we think.
But the service we should give is often a surprise to us.
So often we ask, “what can I do”, “let me serve”, neglecting the service that can be given without formal call. Thinking too much of ourselves, of demonstrating our worth.
Are you so great that your service must be seen, must be something you think commands respect?
Are you so petty that you think some service mean and beneath you?
All service, rightly given, flows from – and to – the Spirit. The Spirit cares not for status and respect, for weight or prominence.
Ask not what you can do, but what we can do. No service is reserved to one person, and no-one gives service rightly without their community behind them, though they may not know it.
Your service may be to support others, perhaps those acting under concern. They may be the ones recognised, but the same Spirit that drives them may be calling you to support them. You may resist, and the spirit cannot compel the unwilling, but do not be fooled by ego or unfamiliarity into ignoring its call.
Written November 2016
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