Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Righteous Transformation

I am told that Friends are made uncomfortable when one Friend ministers often, when that ministry feels like a sermon, when it asks what we should be doing, asks whether we are truly doing as we should.
Do we come to worship for comfort? Certainly, I'm sure many of us have experienced a meeting where we came full of doubt, pain, or fear, and we were held, sheltered and uplifted by the Spirit as shown in that meeting, in the ministry of Friends, and in the invisible yet palpable love of the Spirit itself, brought close to us by the faithful waiting of the meeting.
Yet as we are a gathered people, we are not gathered for our own comfort and uplifting. We are gathered to be made a people of God. That does not mean, for us, going through prescribed motions, as in the liturgies of mainstream churches. Nor does it mean merely helping and uplifting one another. Nor is it enough to take the spirit of righteous transformation into the world, exciting our efforts to mend it.
Righteous transformation must begin with us, and is never done with us. None of us shall ever attain our full potential as children of the Light. Faithfulness to that Light means ever striving, within our faith community, to make it reflect light and love, and yes, to comfort those who will benefit from comfort; in our wider community, to relieve suffering and share the fruits of the Light; and also in ourselves, to let the Light fill us, and transform us, and never think we have reached a final destination.
This does not mean that we have failed, or that we are not good enough. Were that so, none could succeed, and none would be good enough. In the Spirit, love flows freely to all who will take it.
Written March 2017
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