Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Raising Barriers

A fence composed of circular poles of varied heights.
Why are you so fond of boundaries, of divisions? Of creating groups and definitions, of knowing who is within the same walls as you.
You raise them everywhere. She speaks differently, he dresses strangely, they have strange and unfamiliar beliefs. Countries and parties, faiths and communities. It seems you cannot meet new people without assessing how much they differ from you.
“This one does not share my faith.”
“This one has different facial structure.”
“This one is less educated than I.”
How are you not overwhelmed every time by what you have in common? You share so much with every other person. How are you not captivated by the chance to make things better for everyone? Another's gain is not your loss, no matter how different from you they are. How are you not moved by their suffering, not moved to relieve it as soon as you would those you consider most like you?
In the Spirit, all are of one sort. We are all different, but all the same. If you insisted on perfect likeness to allow people to share your space, you would be forever alone; if you identify with all people, you will be forever in good fellowship.
Written November 2017
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