Saturday, 25 November 2017

On Marriage

Computer generated image of two simple gold wedding bands, one lying partially atop the other
Marriage is not a joining of souls,
For all souls are already connected.
Marriage is not a set of promises,
For lovers always make promises, and marriage is more.
Marriage is not a contract,
An agreement between parties for mutual gain.
Marriage is not a tool,
Not a way to fix or improve something ailing.
Marriage does not occur in truth out of choice.
It happens naturally, or not at all.
The outward forms are empty,
If pursued without the inward reality.
True marriage is the joining of lives in the care of the Spirit;
Where recognised, it is right to mark and celebrate,
It is a source of joy.
True marriage needs no validation of church or state to flourish,
But those married and those around them are strengthened
By recognition of that condition.
Even those whose minds know not the Presence of the Spirit,
Can recognise the wealth and love and beauty,
Of true marriage in the Spirit.
Written November 2017
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