Sunday, 5 November 2017

Openings Is Now On Patreon

Patreon logo
You may have noticed, in recent weeks, a survey on the sidebar of this blog, asking if you might support a Patreon for this blog, along with my recent post about money. Well, I appreciate those who submitted an answer to that very simple question, and I've decided to move ahead with the idea. I do so in a spirit of living adventurously, not knowing what it might bring – but certain that it won't work if I don't do it, so I may as well do it.
The survey is now replaced, in the sidebar, with a widget linking to my Patreon. If you like my output, and would like to continue seeing it, and you can afford to spare a little, please consider supporting me by this route. Patreon advises that typically about 90% of contributions make their way to the creator, the rest being taken up with a very modest share for Patreon itself, and fees related to the transfers of funds. This makes it a very efficient way to make a regular contribution to people who are creating work that you appreciate, or that you would like more people to appreciate.
There are rewards for becoming a patron, as is expected on that platform, but none of my content will ever be exclusive to patrons. Patrons will mostly get various sorts of behind-the-scenes access to know or influence what I'm working on – but that influence will never look anything like editorial control. Everything you see on the blog will continue to be my work, it will just include some things that spring off ideas from patrons – as it already sometimes springs off ideas from readers already.
Openings won't be the first Quaker project on Patreon. I find this reassuring. I also vastly prefer this idea over any form of charging for access to my work, at least in terms of work in the form of blog posts. I trust in the generosity of Quakers, both in material things and in generosity of spirit, that if Friends appreciate my work, some will contribute to encourage me to continue.
If you enjoy this blog, or otherwise find it worthwhile, please consider contributing to my Patreon. More information about this, and the chance to comment, can be found in the post announcing the launch of my Patreon.