Friday, 3 November 2017

On Scripture

Do you really think that any text can encapsulate all that could be said of the Divine? Do you think that any text mediated by human thought and human hands is the unsullied word of God? You have reason and intelligence to address the world, and the divine spark itself to guide you. You reject these gifts when you abdicate your judgement to a text, however old and wise and beautiful it might be.
And yet, each and every scripture and holy text is precious. Where people have sanctified a text with their sincere faith, there cannot fail to be some shadow of the Divine in it, be it ever so slight or hard to see, or seeming to shine forth in glory. Every text is an opportunity for learning, and none should be disregarded.
Any person may pick up any holy text, and they will find wisdom if they are willing to look, and beauty, and guidance. Yet they will also find things that are troubling, that they find impossible to reconcile with their understanding of goodness and rightness. Read scripture with a thought for the Spirit, and it will guide you to the understanding you need from each text.
Written November 2017
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