Thursday, 14 December 2017

Your Ideas Wanted for New Post Series

A light bulb rests on a chalkboard, with chalk lines radiating from it to empty bubbles drawn in chalk.
As those who have signed up to my Patreon will be aware, I've been working for a little while on a longer piece, that will be published as a series of posts, looking at different approaches to the Divine and to Quaker business method. This builds on the ideas I presented at Woodbrooke earlier this year, looking at discernment in the context of a religious society that enjoys a wide diversity of beliefs.
In that presentation, I talked about the idea of conceptions of the Divine, along similar lines to those in my post on the subject of such conceptions (which rather drew on the work I did for the Woodbrooke presentation), talked about how they relate to different conceptions of what is going on in a Quaker business meeting, and laid out the traditional (theistic) view of business. I then followed this up with my own non-theist conception, and I was very gratified to see that people could largely accept that, while they could not be considered equivalent, not “the same thing in different terms”, they were compatible.
In the series I am working on, concerning such conceptions, I will be including both the traditional conception and my own conception once again. I will also be including one conception that some strict materialist Quakers might recognise. That isn't enough, though. I want to explore more conceptions, but I'm a little worried about my own ability to come up with ideas.
For that reason, I am turning to you, the readers of my blog, to suggest ideas for things you'd like to see. These could be entirely hypothetical, such as asking how I think a person with a given set of beliefs and conceptions concerning the Divine (and/or the transmundane/supernatural) might conceive of Quaker decision-making. It could also be really concrete and require me to do some research (if I haven't happened to pick it up from enough people with a given set of beliefs). It could even include you, if you want!
So if you want to see explorations of how a neopagan who believes in practical magic might approach the business method, or want me to relate your own Trinitarian, Nicene-based theology of business – based on what you tell me but with my own observations – or any other permutation, strange or everyday, just let me know. You can drop suggestions in the comments below, or on the comments of any link to this post that I post on Facebook, or in reply to my link to this post on Twitter. If you'd rather not be public, you can private message the Openings page on Facebook – which would also be good if we need to have a longer conversation about your own conceptions.
I will be able to come up with enough stuff without any input from you, but I'm absolutely sure that the overall piece will end up much better with your ideas. So please, get in touch and let me know what you'd like to see.
UPDATE: The post series is now up, but additional ideas for new posts as addenda are still very much welcome.
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