Sunday, 17 December 2017

Trusting the Discernment of Others

You are responsible for your decisions, even where they are
confirming the decision of others.
Trusting the discernment of other Friends does not mean accepting it without question. Where a matter comes before you that has already been considered by another group, in Quaker discernment, due regard must be given to the fact that they have attempted to follow the guidance of the Divine – but you must also give the Divine the opportunity to guide you. Where a committee recommendation, or a nomination, comes before you, do not assume that the discernment of the committee is the last word. Give enough space and time for ministry to arise and be tested before accepting such matters, as it may be that the Spirit did move those who met on the matter already to make their proposal or their nomination – but the Spirit will not move you to accept it. Sometimes the fact of the proposal or nomination reaching your Meeting is what the promptings of the Divine have led to, and that is sufficient.
Written December 2017
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