Saturday, 2 December 2017

Comprehending the Incomprehensible

A rear view of a woman in a hat looking thoughtfully out to sea.
There is a Power that is an unending source of love and light, a Light that lives in each of us and lifts us up, and joins us together. Some know it as the Light of Christ, the Holy Spirit, and that is well. Some know it as a nebulous, numinous force pervading our lives and our beings, and that is also well. Some know it as a precious and divine part of our own being, that we must work to know well, to be aware of and guided by – and that too is well.
Whatever it is, it is so far beyond our ken that we are all reaching, grasping, striving to understand something that we can never truly comprehend. That does not mean we should abandon the effort; our attempts to understand can never fully succeed, but in the attempt we learn, about the Divine and about ourselves, about our fellows in faith and about people more broadly. From sharing the attempts of others, though they may find very different things, we see yet further.
You betray the Spirit when you give others valid reason to fear your different insights. Every one of us should learn the experiences of each other with joy and curiosity, as yet another window to bring us towards comprehension of the incomprehensible.
Written December 2017
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