Saturday, 14 July 2018

What To Do About Very Short Ministry?

A person holds a small gift box in their outstretched hands. The gift box is a slightly metallic brown colour, with a cream-coloured bow around it.
Good things in small packages?
What originally drove me to start this blog was my written ministry. This came to me, as I have previously written, with as much compulsion as any spoken ministry in meeting, and after writing it down in obedience to that leading I was led to share it. Once I came to the conclusion that a blog was a good way to do this, it made sense to write what I chose to write as well. I refer to this as “deliberate writing” in order to differentiate it, on the basis of the primary differentiating factor. Such writing has become slightly numerically dominant on the blog, though it swings the other way when I'm going through periods, as recently, with not much time for deliberate writing. Written ministry comes as it will, and I write it down and share it when I have it. Deliberate writing needs me to choose to do it rather than something else.
There is a set of written ministry that I have not yet shared, however, and the leading to do so is generating a considerable amount of discomfort. The problem is that I also know that I should share it in the most effective way that I can, and I have no idea what that would be.
These pieces of ministry are very short, a couple of sentences generally. For comparison, my recent short piece of ministry Morality, Action, and Inaction, is about twice as long as the longest of these very short pieces.
I refer to them as “maxims and aphorisms”, for those are terms that describe their character – at least, they are the best terms I have been able to find. The earliest date from 2016, and there are now 8 categorised as each of maxims and aphorisms (don't ask me to explain what I mean by the distinction, I've tried and I don't seem to be able to manage it).
I want to share these. I need to share these. But I don't know an effective way to do it. As separate blog posts they would seem trivially short. Batched together they would lose focus. I don't know what to do.
Of course, I have some ideas. I could accompany each one with a piece of deliberate writing, reflecting on the ministry. I could turn them into image macros (while the usual description refers to comedic forms, “profound” forms also exist), always including a text version with them of course. I could have a separate blog of some sort for them. If doing any of those, I could schedule them to post regularly until I run out (I can't predict when I'll have more, obviously). I just don't know which of these would be best, or indeed whether there's something I haven't thought of.
So I appeal to you, my readers, Friends, enquirers, or just people with some vague interest. Tell me: how should I share these miniscule ministries?
Update: thanks to your feedback, I have now decided what to do; you can read about it in my announcement post.
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