Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Coming Soon – Maxims and Aphorisms

On the background of a chalkboard, typed text reads "Coming Soon"
Thanks to everyone's feedback, largely on Facebook, I've come to a decision about how I'll be sharing the very short ministry I mentioned recently.
For the next 16 weeks, or longer if more come to me, I will be sharing one of these pieces, what I call “maxims and aphorisms”, each week. I will aim to do them on Saturdays, around lunchtime (UK time). Hopefully this will mean a lot of you get to digest and reflect on them at the weekend, though that of course supposes that Friends (and others who are interested) tend to have Monday-to-Friday jobs, which is a bit of a problem. However, I have to pick some particular time to do them, and that's it.
Each one will be presented as a text overlay on an appropriate image. That will be shared directly on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and posted here as a post in its own right. On platforms that make it reasonable to do so, and particularly as posts here, the picture will be accompanied by a plain text copy of the actual ministry. This is because some people find that easier to read, especially if they are using assistive technology such as a screen reader.
They will also all be posted, in text form, on a page on this blog. This will be added to, week by week, as the individual items are posted. It will serve as an overall collection, for quick reference, and will also have links to each individual post.
I'm feeling quite excited about sharing these with you, and I hope you will find them worthwhile.
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