Thursday, 26 July 2018

Divine Wisdom

We treasure wisdom. Wisdom is not the amassing of knowledge and the ability to recall it at appropriate moment. Wisdom is not the understanding of diverse fields of study. Wisdom is not the ability to predict the outcomes of different courses of action. Wisdom is more, and less, than that.
Wisdom is not intellect, for great wisdom may come from those who cannot claim any great intelligence. It is not reason, for it need not follow any line of thought or logic. It is not intuition, for we can often see its sense once it is revealed.
I cannot tell you what wisdom is, but I can tell you that we are right to treasure it. We may not know it when we see it, but we know it once we apprehend it – and so often we wish we had grasped it sooner. It is precious, for it teaches us things that we cannot truly learn any other way. It guides us in ways we cannot replicate with logic and planning. It illuminates us and shows us the way in a language that goes beyond the words that are used to convey it.
Wisdom can show us when our efforts are futile, and when they merely seem it. Wisdom can show us when love has driven us too far and threatens to do harm. It can show us which of the demands of justice are most pressing, and which are best set aside.
Wisdom is one of the paths of the Divine, the channels it uses to reach us. It is an essence of the Divine, but it is not the only such essence. We must learn to be open to it, whether it is given to us directly or through another, but we must not hold it above all else. There is more to divine insight than wisdom, but without apprehending wisdom, there can be no divine insight.
Written July 2018
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