Monday, 15 January 2018

The Luminous Numinous

A cat and landscape silhouetted against a bright setting sun.
We use lots of terms to talk about the Divine, and some are more or less comfortable with different words and phrases. Some will never use a certain term except when quoting, and others have a favoured term that they use in preference to any other.
In my experience, though, the one that is most widely acceptable is Light. It might sometimes be dressed up as the “Light of Christ”, or otherwise specified as the “Inner Light”, but Light is a popular term in many forms and permutations.
There is no accident to that metaphor. Light describes it very well. What does light do?
Light reveals things that we might not otherwise see.
Light shows us the truth of things, even those we might have been happier not seeing.
Light cleans and restores some things more effectively than physical effort.
Light brings life and growth and healing.
But light can also blind. Do not treat it lightly.
Written January 2018
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