Saturday, 5 August 2017

What is your Penn's Sword?

I have often heard the story of Penn's sword held up as an example, however apocryphal it might be, of the transformative power of the Spirit in our lives, if we are open to it.
To me, it is much more than that. It raises to each of us a question – what is there, in each of our lives, that we are wearing as long as we can. Perhaps it is profligacy – foreign travel or imported fresh food that harm the environment, vain fripperies to enhance our appearance, or gadgets owned for their own sake, rather than their utility. Perhaps it is hate, wishing harm to others however justified it may seem, or jealousy, wishing others to lose things because we cannot share in them. Perhaps it is pride or ambition, the desire to be lauded or thought indispensable.
What change may the spirit work in each of us, if we let it?
Written May 2017
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