Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Again, and Again, and Again

Do you come to me asking for rules?
You will not receive them.
Simple algorithms, “if this, then that”,
Are not the fruit of the spirit.
Come to me with questions that are timely,
When you need an answer,
When the choice is before you.
Come to me for inspiration,
For principles,
For paths and pathfinders.
Do not come to me for maps.
For the land you would navigate cannot be mapped, being ever-changing.
The wisdom you would understand cannot be stated, being complex beyond your ken.
The rules that determine right action cannot be written, though you covered every page in every book in all the world.
You cannot take from me and then never need me again; if you would know how I would have you act, you must ask again, and again, and again.
Written August 2017
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