Saturday, 5 August 2017

Fountains and Plumbing

It will be familiar to most Friends that spoken ministry flows forth from some like fountains, others in occasional bursts, and still others never find themselves speaking in worship.
But a fountain does not function alone. The water that is the Spirit is brought to the fountain by pipes, perhaps helped along by pumps, and just in this manner the whole worshipping community helps along the Spirit, whoever happens to be the mouthpiece.
Yet still, ours is a transformative faith, and our pumps and pipes should not assume that is always to be their role, vital as it is. If we allow it, the Spirit may transform a pipe, even the deepest buried, into a wondrous fountain, that we may all appreciate the beauty and bounty of it – be it for a day, or for years to come.
Written May 2017
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