Monday, 14 January 2019

Why Are We Here?

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It's a question we often ask. Sometimes it's because we managed to go into Boots or Marks & Spencer during the lunchtime rush when there's no good reason we had to be there then. Sometimes it's when we're at a family gathering and realise that we're doing no good to ourselves or anyone else. That's not what I'm writing about now, though. I'm talking about it as an existential question.
Some people have put forth answers they believe to be spiritually inspired. The difficulty there is that these people have produced so many different answers. How to know which is right? In a sense, it is part of the overall question of religious “truth”, and I approach it in a similar way to that in which I approach general universalism. The inspiration is not there to give us the correct answer, but to give us the answer that will help us, at the time it is inspired.
I don't have an inspired answer. Maybe we are here as a larval stage of development of a metaphysical, extradimensional being that has to pass through this as part of their path to maturity. Maybe we've taken part in some cosmic bet (which is more or less how some Mormon missionaries explained their understanding to me) involving incarnation.
Maybe we're preparing for whatever happens after death. Maybe we have to prove ourselves worthy to get to paradise. Maybe we have to gain some secret knowledge to be able to achieve something after death. Maybe we reincarnate afterwards, and our “job” in each life is to gain experience of a different facet of life.
I say this – do not concern yourself overmuch with some cosmic purpose, some reason for being. Concern yourself with living as you should for no other reason than that you should. Concern yourself with making the world a little better, or stopping it getting too much worse. Concern yourself with doing good, with helping others. Concern yourself with fulfilment – but not only your own.
Don't worry about a purpose, or a reason. Life will provide us with too many to count.
Written January 2019
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