Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Fire Inside

An orange flame with no visible source, set against an entirely black background.
There's a fire inside me.
It burns to make the world better. It burns to help those I care about, and to help those I do not know.
It burns to drive me forward. It burns to sustain me in adversity. It burns to tell me I'm still alive.
Though I am assailed and dismissed, the fire burns.
Though I am unfairly accused, the fire burns.
Though I am misrepresented, the fire burns.
Though some seek to obstruct me, the fire burns.
Though I may be unnoticed, the fire burns.
Though I fail or fall, the fire burns.
There are times when the fire is hard to see, when it seems cold and distant, but the fire is not changed, not diminished.
Surrounded by adversity, it burns though I am distracted from it.
In the depths of depression, it burns though shadows surround it.
In the midst of mania, it burns with constancy, undistracted.
When I feel like giving up, it burns, will or nil.
The fire has saved me, time and again. One day it will call me to some final task, and I will be consumed.
And still, the fire burns.
Written May 2018
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