Sunday, 18 February 2018

No Hands But Ours

In hardship, I do not expect God to help me.
For all change in this world comes through us, you must see.
As I hurt, as I fear, still I know I rely,
Upon care, upon love, those who suffer as I.
For such powers as may seek to watch and to aid,
Need our hands, need our voice, need our hearts not to fade.
We might wish, we might hope, as we nurse at our scars,
This I know, this I say, they have no hands but ours.
So we work and we seek, and we hope that we may
Find ourselves helping those that we find on our way.
In the silence we hold in our hearts we shall find
The right knowledge and courage and strength all combined.
For those souls needing aid take no trouble to find.
All the weak and the wretched the world left behind.
All the grieving and hurt we do not see as ours,
We must cherish for God still has no hands but ours.
So I call from the deep, if God hears I know not.
But the power and light that fills all still burns hot.
Gives us strength, gives us wisdom to strive to the starts
So we need not regret, truth has no hands but ours.
So I suffer, as you do, in pain and in strife
I need not be alone, I need not regret life.
We find you, as do I, have a power that awes.
We rejoice and be glad of these hands that are ours.
Written February 2018
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