Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Contemporary Quaker Maze

We are in a maze.
The hedges are tall, and we cannot see over them.
None of us can see where the paths lead, where the exits are, or even where those exits go.
Some claim to have glimpses of the path, and warn us of the perils of taking the wrong one.
Some tell us of the joys to come when we find our way out, and some tell of the horrors.
Some tell us the maze is wonderful, and we shouldn’t want to leave.
The only way we will know for sure is to make our choice and see what happens.
We can, however, get the lay of the land. While the hedges are tall, and we cannot see over them, none of us is here alone.
We can lift one another, stand upon shoulders, and we can see over the hedges.
We cannot see far, we cannot see clearly, but by working together and trusting one another, we can see something.
Written September 2017
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