Saturday, 16 September 2017

Love Is Not A Finite Thing

Love is not a finite thing, that is spent and exhausted.
Love flows from the Spirit, and is inexhaustible;
As you live your life in the Spirit, and let its presence grow in your heart,
So too will love flow stronger and brighter in your life.
Think you that giving love here will leave you less to give elsewhere?
Think you that you can run out of love?
You have limited time, you have limited energy,
Your love is not limited.
Love is not like water, poured away and spent or imbibed and expended.
Love is like warmth, and where it is given each to the other,
It is like sharing warmth on a cold night,
Neither becoming cold to make the other warm, but warmth increased for both.
Do not be parsimonious with love, for given well it is never spent.
Yet do not give it unwisely, for if it is not returned, you can be spent.
Whether the love is given to a lover, or in good works in the world,
Given wisely it is returned, and given recklessly it is exploited.
For while you cannot run out of love, you have other resources.
And when you give love, you may expend these.
Do not exclude yourself from your love, or from your care.
In your eagerness to give love, do not overextend yourself.
Do not be jealous of love given.
If you trust your lover's judgement and loyalty,
If you communicate and trust and support,
The gain of others need be no loss to you.
Love is not a zero-sum game.
Written September 2017
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