Monday, 9 April 2018

Stop. Attend. (A Message Concerning Meeting for Worship)

Stop. Attend.
I do not mean to call you to attend to my words. If you are reading them, or hearing them, it is natural that they will have your attention.
Stop. Attend.
Stop, as best you can, your busy thoughts, your worries and concerns, your plans for the week ahead and for the further future. Important as they may be, that is not why you are here.
Stop. Attend.
Stop your rational thoughts and reasoning on spiritual matters. Intellect and reason alone are not the path to that which we seek.
Stop. Attend.
Attend to that inward teacher, however you conceive of it. Whether for you it is the Light of Christ or some deeper, wiser, intuitive part of human nature, it is our guide.
Attend to what Love requires, to what you can do to heal, and to make the world better for all.
Attend to Wisdom, the guide of right action that does not depend on rules and laws. The source of learning that does not depend on rationality. The thoughts that do not proceed cleanly, logically, one from another.
Attend to that Light, and how it might be shared and spread, that all might know its strength and warmth – whatever their beliefs are.
Written April 2018, based on spoken ministry that it was given to me to share on 8th April 2018
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