Saturday, 3 March 2018

Memento Mori

If Pascal were a (liberal) Quaker?
Remember you must die, life cries;
Your days shall end and then,
What shall you say you've done with life?
What account shall you keep?
What then shall come beyond this life?
It's clear that none can say.
Rewards may come for good deeds done,
Chastisement for your wrongs.
Maybe reward shall just depend,
On where you've placed your faith.
How then to choose among the range,
Of paths you see arrayed?
If there shall be a judge anon,
Selecting the elect,
There is little that can be done,
But hope that they are fair.
And yet perhaps nothing shall come,
Beyond the final breath.
Our striving and awareness ends,
With nought beyond our death.
The choice is thus an unknown judge,
Whose fairness is but hope.
Or nothing there beyond the end,
And this life all there is.
Then I say live like both are true,
Strive always to do right.
That fair reward might be your due,
Fair judgement should you meet.
The same is called for in the case,
That nothing lies beyond.
For doing right brings true reward,
Even as you live.
And maybe it should come to pass,
When this life you depart,
Your work shall still be remembered,
Your life itself shall speak.
Written March 2018
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