Sunday, 29 October 2017

On Reliance On The Spirit

The Spirit is wonderful, marvellous, awesome – very much in the truest senses of those words. It astounds us, surprises us, fills us with wonder; we marvel at the things we can achieve with its assistance; we stand in awe of the things we are shown in its power.
We can rely on the Spirit, if we are open to it, to guide us and advise us, but we cannot rely on it to do for us those things we can do for ourselves, nor to take the place of years of study and practice. The Spirit will help us to act on expert advice, make the final decisions, but cannot take the place of it.
Be assured of the attention and care of the Spirit, so long as you are faithful. But do not expect it to do those things that are rightly your work. If you make no attempt to solve a problem yourself, do not expect the Spirit to do so for you.
Written October 2017
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